Video player (controls)

Our video player works like any other video player. Hit the pause button to pause the video, play it frame-by-frame, or even in slow motion. There is also a map functionality. This means that when viewing the game, you can click on the map to see the entire map/position of all players.

Use the following shortkeys to quickly move through the video. 

  • Play and Pause: space
  • Decrease speed: shift + ⬇️
  • Increase speed: shift + ⬆️
  • Go back three seconds: ⬅️
  • Go forward three seconds: ➡️
  • Go back one frame: shift + ⬅️
  • Go forward one frame: shift + ➡️
  • Start drawing: d
  • Default view: 1
  • Map view: 2
  • Full screen: f
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