Live streams

We get that there is no time to lose! So add the live stream to analyze during the game. You can immediately show and discuss moments you've created during a quick review session with your team, and save parts of the stream to your archive. 

Learn how to: 

👉 Add livestream to Enlyo

👉 Save (part of) the livestream to your library

👉 End livestream

Add Livestream to Enlyo

Add a Livestream by clicking on 'Start live analysis' and past the YouTube url.

You are now in the live video and can immediately create key moments, draw and playback in the stream. 

Save (part of the) livestream

If you want to save (a part of) the stream click  'Save' at the top right. Move the sliders to select the part of the video you'd like to save, add a title and when ready click 'next'. The video is now added to your videos.

End livestream

Got all the information you need from this stream? Cool, just click 'Stop' at the top right.

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