Key moments

Each game contains some key moments that you want to look at in detail. On the overview page you can see all your created moments, use the filters to find the right moment. In this article we will explain more about creating new moments.   

Learn how to: 

👉 Create key moment using categories

👉 Create moment using the record button

👉 Adjust moment start and end time

Create key moment using categories

This is definitely the easiest way! With the categories you automatically add time before and after the action to your key moment. And you immediately group and sort key moments into different sections. How organized is that… Just hit the category when the action occurs and your key moment is created! 

👉Need to create categories or edit existing ones? Learn how

Don't want to go to the moment immediately? Turn the  'Go to moment after creation' Off.

Create moment using the record button

Want to create a general moment? So not automatically add a category. Just hit the big recording button below the video and start recording. Press the button again to stop recording, now your moment is created!

Adjust moment start and end time

No worries if you need to change the time of the video at a later stage. Just hit the "adjust moment start and end time" button at the bottom. You'll see the entire video again, and by moving the sliders adjust the time of your moment.

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