Bring your own structure into Enlyo! With categories and tags you can label key moments based on what you know. Tags are highly customizable, so you can create and assign them as you see fit. The benefits of categorizing a video are to help categorize the video for storage, search and sharing.

Learn how to: 

👉 Categories

👉 Sub-categories

👉 Tags


Categories are live and ready to help organize! Use categories to create your Key moments and group and sort your videos into different sections. 

We have already added some best practice categories to get you started. But you can also create your own categories, remove categories and re-order them. Need some help? Then you're in the right place! 

First, go to ' Settings' and click on 'Categories'. Here you can see all your categories, create new and edit existing ones. 

By clicking on the  "+" you can add a new category. Think of an easy-to-refer title and add this in the title section. 

And... now it's time for the real deal. With adding time before and time after, you also get to see the time before and after the moment you have selected. 

Choose an  icon and color you like for this category.

And finally, choose your own shortkey to make usage easy.


Some categories might need sub-categories to organize your library even better. For example, the Dragon category could have five subcategories: First, Second, Third, Soul point, and Elder.

Once you have created a category, you can also add the sub-category. Click on the category you want to add a sub-category to and click "Sub-categories"

At the bottom add the name of the sub-category click "Add" and click "Update category". You're all set and ready to use this subcategory


You can create tags before you start with the video analysis or create them as you go. 

Create and edit tags in the  'Tags' section under 'Settings'. Here you can see all your tags, create new, and edit existing ones. 

You can also create a tag during the video analysis, just start typing and hit the enter button.

We know it can sometimes be hard to decide how to make such a flexible feature work for you. Here are some examples of tags you might create, depending on the game.

  1. Good 
  2. Invasion
  3. Overcharge
  4. Mission
  5. Player name
  6. Level
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