You can easily share your videos and key moments including notes, key moments and tags. Share with your team members directly or get a shareable link for the people that aren't using Enlyo yet! 

Learn how to: 

👉 Share with others

👉 Add team members

Share with others

Click on  "Share" at the top right. Now select the way you want to share the video. 

Don't forget to adjust the permissions to your choice. So they can only view or maybe you need input; make them editors!

Add team members

Invite team members and share your videos, moments and playlists with them directly to work more efficiently and effectively. Each team member gets their own account and you, as a coach can determine if they can view or edit the videos. 

1. Go to ' Settings'
2. Click 'Subscription'
3. Click  'Invite'
4. Add the  email address and hit 'Invite'. The invitation is send to your team member! 

Don't want a member to be part of your team anymore? Just click on the remove icon to remove the member.

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