Drawing & Notes

Add drawings and notes so the key moment makes sense to you later! Or post instructions for your team and grow. 

Learn how to: 

👉 Add drawings

👉 Add notes

Add drawings

Open the drawing pane  (shortkey: d) and use the laser pointer or select the shape, color and thickness of your choice. 

Visualize thoughts, concepts, write down ideas, explain and teach using the Whiteboard. Hit the whiteboard button again to leave the whiteboard. 

Are you drawing in a key moment? Then you can also save the drawing, just hit the save icon.

Add notes

You can add general notes, which are key moment-specific. You can always edit your notes, and people you have shared your key moment with, are able to see them. 

You can also add time-specific notes, e.g. about a specific action! Go to the action in the video player and add the note. The note is now added at that specific time in the video and if the video is shared, your team is able to see these too.

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