Group review

Start a group review session together with the entire team remotely. With Enlyo you can draw, share notes and create an interactive session. Your mouse behaves like a laser so you'll see the movement of the team on the screen continuously. 

Learn how to: 

👉 Start group review

👉 Invite your team

👉 Watch how Raqo's does a group review

Start group review

There is two ways to start a group review session. 

1. From the homepage

Hit ' Start group review' from the homepage and select the video you'd like to review together. 

2. From the video 

Go to the video you want to use for the group review session. At the top right click ' Start group review session' and hit 'Start session'.

Invite your team

Click 'Copy url' and share the copied link with your team via discord, e-mail, anywhere. 

Your team can now join the group and the remote review and collaboration can begin. 

Need a little inspiration? 

Watch Raqo's group review session in Enlyo.

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