Add video from Twitch

Twitch has an amazing library of games to use during VOD reviews. Easily add videos by copying the Twitch link.

1. Hit  "Add video" 
2. Select "Add Twitch video"
3. Paste the url
4. Adjust the title if you want, add some notes and hit "Add video"

Remove Twitch overlay

The Twitch player shows an annoying overlay when you pause the VOD. Not what you want if you need to show something to your players… Luckily, there is a simple trick to remove this overlay:

1. Download the Stylish browser plugin

To remove the Twitch overlay you need to install Stylish. Stylish is a browser plugin that is available for Chrome and Firefox. This browser plugin lets you customize any website with custom user styles (themes for websites).

Link for Chrome:

Link for Firefox:

2. Create a custom theme for Twitch

Open the stylish browser plugin and create a custom theme for Twitch. Create a new style and enter the following code:

    .video-player__overlay .player-overlay-background {

        opacity: 0;


Give your style a name (e.g., Remove Twitch Overlay) and click on save to disable the Twitch overlay.

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