Getting started

Enlyo helps esport coaches do better VOD reviews to optimise game performance. If this is your first time analysing a video with Enlyo, this guide will walk you through all possibilities within Enlyo. 

Step 1: Import video 

1. Click   "Add video".
2. Select  "YouTube" or "Twitch".
3. Paste the url.
4. Adjust the title if you want, add some notes and hit  "Add video".

👉 Learn how to remove the Twitch overlay

Step 2: Analyse and create key moments

Find the events in the game which are important to you and your team and mark them as a key moment by hitting the category at the right moment. 

👉 More about key moments

Step 3: Draw! 

Highlight specific moments with the illustration tools. Create circles, add arrows, rectangles or create your own shape directly in the key moment. 

1. Click on the pencil at the bottom
2. Select the shape
3. Draw in the video and save the drawing

👉 More about drawing

Step 4: Share

Hit the share button at the right top to immediately share your analysis with others. 

1. Share with users: use this to share the video directly with teammembers
2. Share with channels: use this to share the video directly with a group of teammembers
3. Get shareable link: use this to share with people that aren't using Enlyo yet.

👉 More about sharing

Cool you have added, edited and shared your first video! 

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